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Robot Vacuum - Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023

Robot Vacuum - Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023

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This robot vacuum features triad functionality: sweeping, vacuuming and mopping so all your floors will sparkle – simply switch it on and forget about cleaning!

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Smarter cleaning via apps

Using the Smarter Life or Tuya mobile app, you can customise your clean, check the cleaning status or set cleaning schedule. Or you can use the included remote control to power up and get started. Everything is at your fingertips.

Additionally, you can control the vacuum through Google Home and Amazon Alexa with voice control or compatible apps to get cleaning.



Dust away

Together with the latest agile brush and the high suction, even ingrained dust is loosened from carpets and reliably removed. The built-in removable HEPA filter captures the smallest particles of dust to help calm those with asthma and allergies. The upgraded powerful suction capacity of the vacuum effectively gets rid of pet hair, dust, dirt and debris from the floor.

The robot vacuum can detect the carpets in real time and it can automatically boost the suction power for deep cleaning.  This is the ideal robotic vacuum for all cat and dog owners who want to remove pet hair from various kinds of floor surfaces.



High-precision navigation

The robot vacuum uses  advanced laser-based mapping and navigation technology that scan the surrounding environment to create a map of its surroundings and move safely around your home. It can save multiple maps and when you move the robot to a room where the map has been saved for cleaning it will automatically switch to the map to deliver efficient cleaning.



Real-time update with maps

It intelligently scans the surrounding environment and creates a map of its surroundings. You can view the map on your smartphone and direct the vacuum for efficient cleaning.



Select from multiple modes

You can choose from the border, fixed spot or automatic cleaning modes for effortlessly spotless floor.



Say goodbye to the trouble of manual charging

The robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery is low and resumes cleaning from where it left off once fully charged.



Anti-fall & Anti-collision system

It has anti-fall & anti collision sensors. It detects the surrounding environment to protect itself from falling or colliding harshly.



Easy to Clean

Emptying the bagless dustbin is also simple and straightforward. Lift the dustbin straight out of the top of the robot vacuum and empty the dust contents into the bin – it’s that easy. When the HEPA filters need a cleaning, just wash and air dry it overnight. No need to purchase an endless supply of vacuum bags.




Product Model: V3S Pro

Function: Sweeping, Suction & Mopping Integrated

Cleaning Modes: Auto/Scheduled/Single Room/Fixed

Obstacle Climbing: 18°, 20mm

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

Battery Life: 90min to 120min (depend on working mode)

 Dust Box Capacity: 600ml

Water Tank Capacity: 200ml

Filter Type: HEPA Filter

Suction: ≥ 32000pa

Operating Noise: 45dB - 65 dB

Control Method: APP + Remote Control

Dimension: 320*320*78mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lorenzo Terry

Really good for the price. I will start with the seller. It's perfect! This is a super seller! Answered all my questions and helped solve a small problem. The goods arrived soon, regarding the vacuum cleaner itself: I thought about it for so long this is a super thing! ! !

Sydnee Beatty

All those who choose a robot vacuum cleaner! We chose a vacuum cleaner according to the review, and here's our choice fell on this miracle of technology! It is just cool, not very noisy, but this is not the main thing, the main thing is how he works quickly! It is easy to take on not a large hill, looking for where it is more convenient (we have from the corridor to the bathroom, just above the floors) we recommend and Thank You. Pleasure doing business with you.

Madison Jones

Many thanks to the seller for the fastest delivery of the goods directly home, literally in two weeks and a detailed explanation of all questions! Everyone would be so!!! It washes already on the drawn map. One drawback is a little loud in fast mode, but this is not critical. In general vacuum cleaner is satisfactory! Thank the seller again for the excellent service!!! Finished wet cleaning in 45 min. Total dry and wet cleaning time 75 min. Chic!!!

Hailie Ullrich

It's my favourite, my floors now are perfect. This is my first robot vacuum cleaner, but I want to say I'm very satisfied. it's pretty good to clean. the battery for a three-room apartment is about 46 square cleaning, enough 50 - 55 percent of the battery. If you put the maximum mode, then it takes 50% to the room 12 squares of cleaning. Everything is fine after 20 cleanings, the battery life is surprisingly much longer.

Braeden Rogahn

Vacuum cleaner works perfectly. There is a container for washing with two containers: for water and for sweeping debris. And container for vacuum cleaner with filter. To wash or vacuum you need to change the container. The container for washing has a hole with a rubber stopper on the surface. It is very convenient to pull out the container, using a press button. Using the Smart Life app, you can change the robot's language and monitor it. And many more scenarios that are in the application. Only drawback i think is mopping is not perfect. Otherwise the vacuum cleaner review is very good and clear and the price is certainly reasonable.