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Back Brace For Posture

Back Brace For Posture

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Our posture corrector is specifically designed to help you to stand taller, straighter and more confident.

This is a simple method that can correct lumps, improve good posture and help you relieve shoulder and back pain.

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An Ultimate Posture Correction Brace

Poor posture can lead to long-term back pain, muscle pain, myopia, and other problems. If you are in front of a screen for gaming or even at work, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture. Wearing this back corrector can develop muscle memory for a period of time, and you can keep your back straight even if you don't wear a posture correction device.



Strong Support -Ā The Posture Corrector provides strong support to the shoulder, back and waist, helping you stand taller and straighter.

Pain Relief -Ā The posture corrector maintains the gravity balance of the body and reduces the burden on the muscles helping you ease chronic back and lumberĀ pain.

Multipurpose Use -Ā This back posture brace can be used at home, office, gym, yoga room and outdoor. It can be put directly on the clothes.

Breathable and Comfortable -Ā Our posture brace is made of premium breathableĀ fabric. The breathable holes are adopted in back and shoulder straps. Heat dissipation and permeability have been upgraded to improve the comfort of wearing.

Sticky Adjustable Velcro - The design of posture corrector can adopt adjustable belt with magic paste so that it can be adjusted freely through the shoulder band.

Suitable for all Groups: Applicable toĀ both men, women and children.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Jeff Collins

Rubs the front in the armpit area, the rest is fine. Proper advise wear it over a t-shirt.

Malika Lesch

Height 185, weight 85 kg fit perfectly. Holds the back, does not press the armpits, can be worn under clothes, straightens)). Let's see how long it lasts. I recommend the seller. Responsible, fast delivery-delivered in two weeks.

Walton Rempel

The product is good, sitting in the back at the top is not very good. Vshop is a good seller. Thank you!

Arely Schoen

The material is excellent fits very well and arrived before the estimated delivery time. Should have purchase a larger number.

Rossie Carroll

The product came as in the description, and the seller is trustworthy and attentive.